Amberley's Big Journey 

Amberley's Big Journey was a collaboration between me and a Creative Writing student, Ashleigh Vasey. Below are several examples of the characters featured within the story, and the mock finals based on the chapters of the book I illustrated..



The conceptions of these characters were fun to create, I recall me and the writer coming up with designs based on their names and species over teas and coffees, with David Attenborough playing in the background. If method acting had an illustrative equal I think this would have been it.

I used veriously scanned objects and marks to create the textures for the different animals ranging from pencil, water colours, and wood. I feel the use of these textures almost bring them to life. Using traditional means to enhance a digital pieces is something one of my university tutors once called tradigital, as corny as it sounded at the time it still remains with me till this day. 

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