The Animated Gif Project

Below are a series of animated gifs I produced for a project reflective of the use of animated gifs used throughout social media.

"Let's Go for a Walk"


"Let's Go for a Walk" is a simplistic animation, and was one of my first attempts at reflecting what I had learnt from animation within a set time limit.

The animation was a final piece to my project based on creating a gif, and the exploration of how 2D animation could be used within the digital age and potentially re-housed within the comfort of social media. In conjunction I did research on certain animators I became fond of due to their work within the mainstream industry, such as classic examples like Richard Williams, and more modern examples like Felix Colgrave. 

As far as production I started with a basic plan to work around my time limit of 1 week. overall the project took 2 weeks with of course research and character designing taking up the same time as the animating. I planned to base my gif off of a simple walk cycle and used my general sources as reference to hit the correct notes.


I took 5 pieces of the character design and animated them separately, 4 of these elements made up the whole body while another one of them became separate, this was the scarf flowing in the wind which was unfortunately cut from the final product. Where I believe it looks really nice I felt it didn't fit properly, and adjustments I wanted to make couldn't be made due to unrealised mistakes I had made unknowingly early on in production.

Above is the walk cycle I made before starting animating. It demonstrates my early conceptions on how I wanted the scarf to work and be attached. But even looking at the walk cycle now you can tell where I went wrong almost immediately, and it was how the scarf was going to react to the movements of the character rather than the movements of the wind. 

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