Coffee & Cartoons

Below are a series of images reflective of my time spent creating within my spare time inside cafe's and other public spaces. There should never be a time when you aren't creating with a big mug of hot Joe.

"Inktober 2019"


Most of the drawings in the slide show above were for Inktober 2019. It was successful and an interesting experience to draw a cowboy or a cowboy related drawing everyday. Having a set theme for all the drawings throughout the month made it easier for me to come up with something new despite the subject matter being the same. I felt myself improve throughout the month as I would try different things for each drawing to perhaps apply what I've learnt for the professional world of cartoons. 

Below are examples of my "wild-west Illustrations" being converted into a digital format for fun to see if this style was easily adaptable. I was impressed with the outcome, where it still needed polishing, I was happy that I had found something I could work on traditionally and digitally. Two forms of expressing whether I'm at home or in a café with my big mug of coffee.

Below is another slide of images related to most of my coffee shop escapades. These are some of my favourite sketchbook drawings, as I feel they represent my growth from someone who has to draw into someone who wants to draw. Some of them are from my imagination but others are actually studies or caricatures of people I see in public.  

These are some examples of my early digital work. I worked on these through out my time in first to second year. trying to adapt my old ways of working into a brand new medium as whole. A lot of these below were drawn on photoshop and distorted using an Epson scanner.  


As I began to get used to working digitally I started to use more techniques and even eventually discovering other art programs like Clip Studio and Illustrator to execute certain techniques exclusive to those subscriptions. 

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