Bonnie the Big Iron Cowgirl

Bonnie the Iron cowgirl was my attempt at conceptualising a comic book inspired by cartoonish and silly, wild-west, spaghetti westerns.

"Saloon scene"


This project I felt really gave me the opportunity to reflect and apply what I had learnt and adapted before with my cowboy drawings. This style I had created for myself could now be made into something suited for professional practice, while this was the case, there were also mistakes I made along the planning stages that had ultimately put the finishing product at risk of being too gimmicky and complex for completion. First it was an adult novel, then it was an interactive experience, and then it was a pop-up book. Too many things had been added for the sake of adding them, but I'm glad that I've recognised it and will avoid doing anything too over pedantic in the future. 


I wanted to keep the comic a monochromatic salmon colour, to resemble old spaghetti western films being in black and white. Below is a sample of the comic featuring an antagonist, Hackle Harvey being shot in the head. I wanted to show these panels off as they represent my favourite style of sequential comic book art and is conceptually how I would have wanted the comic book to be represented. 


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