The Encyclopaedia of Dachshounds

Below are concepts and examples of a project based on a book about dachshunds and their many facts.

"The Future of Breeding"


The dachshund project gave me an opportunity to discuss a none-fiction subject, and it being something I have a personal love for. I own a dachshund myself so writing about them and coming up with unique design features was a fun task. 

Above is one of the three mock finals I produced for it, the first two were interactive which can be seen below.

I delineated the three double pages into history (past), modern healthcare (present), and exaggerated breeding (future).


For some of these other pages I played with size and demonstrated my thoughts on breeding and history by creating an interactive exaggerated interpreted illustration to follow along what I had mentioned within my description.

Above is a comical demonstration of an unhealthy over weight dachshund and how that effects their small spines.

And below are the exaggerated designs for future breeding and dachshund history.

The future of breeding entailed a dachshund with massive wing-like ears, and one having an extremely long body.

For the history I had a dachshund that could change the length of it's legs, because of the evolution of dachshund breeding and mutation through the course of 300 so years. 

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