Editorial Illustration

Below is my very limited example of editorial illustrative work. where it is limited I try to at least ush the boundries of my work to always include some kind of narrative element whether it's supposed to or not.

"Do Robots Dream of Prada?"


This illustration was made based on an article by the Guardian called "Do Robots Dream of Prada? How Artificial Intelligence is Reprogramming Fashion".

This article acts as a critique and open discussion regarding the impact technology has made on modern society and the potential future of A.I software being apart of our daily fashion routines. The article brought forth and interesting conception for me to illustrate, but I did find issues with it clearly being written by someone who seemed biased and unattached from the understanding of the technologies being referenced. The title in itself is contradictory, as robotics and artificial intelegence aren't even the same thing. And the examples displayed in the article don't even fit within the realms of artificial intelligence but rather social media algorithms.

Regardless of such I had fun twisting the concept to fit the title rather than the actual article itself to fit a narrative involving a baby and a robot.

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