Global Game Jam 2019

Below is my submission to the game jam from 2019 and examples of art I did for the game. There is also a link below to bring you to the game jam page to play the game.


This years Global Game Jam was my very first, and I was excited to attend, I learnt a lot about the business of art within a different industry which opened up my mind in regards to where I could potentially take my skill. This was a second year experiance, so my style then is much more different to how it is now.

To make a game within the set time of 48 hours was a daunting task but one I found a lot of enjoyment in. Below are examples of my art and the assets I created for the game.

Every year you're givena themem by the Global Game Jam team, this years was "Home, and what home meant to you" so our game is called Bowler's Night Out which entails the main character being based off of our programmer also named Chris Bowler, surviving the streets of Falmouth town at night after one too many drinks, causing the player to see some wacky hallucinations. 

This relates to the idea of "Home" because Falmouth was simply where we lived for university, and nothing says "student life" than a Cornish night out.

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