Global Game Jam 2020

Below is the link to my teams game jam 2020 page which showcases our top-down game where you play as a technician for a university. 


Better Call Paul was the product of my second year of game jamming, now a 3rd year I had a better grasp of my style and digital technique and was ready to take my efforts from last years jam to the next level, in which I feel comfortable to say I did so. Our theme this year was "Repair" and so with that me and my team decided to base our game off of the jobs of the technicians of the games academy by doing their job of fixing computers with viruses by playing various mini games.

I again took the roll of 2D character artist, but this time decided to animate the characters with basic sprite sheets. The thought of making this a pixel-art style game crossed our minds at first, until we realised that we wanted something a graphic to resemble the last game we did as a team.

Below are examples of art I did for the game, and GIFs of the characters moving.

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